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Casa Limonera is back on the market

In 2016, I went down to Merida on my own to look at and, most likely, put in an offer on a house. It wasn't a big house, but it was in a nice neighborhood and was finished and I really liked the style. It was $165,000 ($175k furnished) and Angie agreed we should just buy it. We both thought it was cute and prices weren't going down on houses. We could buy it and start renting it out right away. I contacted Isaac, my real estate agent, and told him I was coming down to see the house. He responded he'd be glad to show it and so I booked my ticket and rented an AirB&B. The AirB&B was right across the street from the house we wanted to buy, which is called Casa Limonera. It's just west of Santiago park a few blocks on a quiet street. I would be down there and get to experience the exact neighborhood the house was in, plus when I went to see it with the realtor, I'd just walk across the street. Also, I was told, the architect who built it lived just next door. So

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