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Another site visit, we're getting close

We were back down for another visit. Angie had some vacation she needed to use before April and so, whether the house was done, or not, we were booking our flights. We were staying a little over a week this time, rather than my quick hops down when I only spent a few days. It would be a nice chance to relax, for a change. Another new experience was meeting Glenn and Derrick. A couple that had recently purchased a house in Mérida. I had met Glenn on the Travel2Merida Facebook page and he friended me and we started chatting over Messenger as he was house hunting. We became friends pretty easily as I returned to the house buying hunt, but this time not actually for myself.  After a pretty thorough search, we found them a house right in our neighborhood! We could be neighbors! We arrived in the evening again on smooth flights and I was up the next day, eager to walk over and see the house while Angie slept in. I walked over and let myself in. The floors in the main house were being worked

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