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When does patience turn to frustration?

The process of designing the house started near the end of November after I paid the fees to the architect and spent $50 to send keys to the lock on the gate to them.
The process was allegedly supposed to take around three months. One month for each phase.
We are seven months in at this point and we haven't even cleared phase 1.
I would understand being behind a bit with coronavirus and Cristobal really putting a hit on things, but coronavirus didn't really start hitting until late-February/early-March. That's three to four months where we should have been done with the process, or at the very least been done with the first phase. 
I get that it's Mexico and things work a little more slowly, and I accept that, but we are massively off pace.
I think the part that really hits hardest for me is the lack of communication. One of the reasons we went with the architects that we chose was because they were such good communicators at the time. They emailed right back, they emailed …

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