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Middle of July update

 It's the middle of July and things wouldn't be right without an update on construction! Things are really moving along and taking shape. Even our real estate agent, Isaac, emailed me to say he drove by and things were looking good! I haven't been back down to visit, but the architect, Fabian, sent some photos. I'll be travelling down the middle of next month for an on-site visit. Things are still moving along well and progress can be seen everywhere. The pool is much more well-defined with the steps and the shallow area becoming obvious. The little X's have made their first appearance in the screen between the two bedrooms and the front of the house is taking shape. At the front section of the house it's somewhat difficult to tell what is what. Angie didn't generally understand what she was looking at and I'll be honest and say I needed to check the floorplan a few times to get my bearings. Mostly, what Angie noticed was what the workers were wearing. T

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