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August visit and just missing Grace (sort of)

 August came and I made another site visit to the house in Mérida. All the walls are up and the roof blocks are in place as the house starts to take its final shape. I know I've said it before, and I'll say it here, again. The pool is big. I was there when the hole was dug and I've seen photos and video of it after they formed it up to its final shape. But seeing it in person it seems somehow more massive. Is this a complaint? No, dear reader, it is not. I am beyond excited to float around in that sucker someday. I asked about the possibility of installing fancy toilets with built-in bidets, because putting toilet paper in a little trash can for later disposal did not seem like something that was going to fly, long term. I mean, I'm not sure we're bidet people, maybe we should be, but we're not, yet. Thankfully, I was informed that our system should be able to handle TP, no problem. Begone, TP trash cans!  I took a video and some photos, but I always feel a litt

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