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The final pre-completion visit? Lots of meetings and new friends

 Mid-December and it was time to head back to Mérida. Yes, I had just been there like 5 weeks earlier, but another payment was needed and this would likely be my last visit before completion of the house. Another quick trip and the flights down all went off without any problems. Saturday night off the flight, checked in and heading straight to Zinc for my homecoming meal. Then to sleep off the jet lag. Sunday was a free day for me. Where the last two days of the trip would be full of happenings, Sunday was open and without commitment. I was up early, as usual, and wandering the city. I made my way over to the house. There were blue paint swatches on the front to choose from. I took pictures on my phone and gave them all good looks. Yes, if I haven't mentioned, the front color on the house is going to be a blue color. Hopefully not too Smurf-like. Walking back from the house I decided to see if I could actually walk the dirt trail that started from Calle 47 on the east side of la P

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