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What's in a name?

Searching for a name for the house has been a long time effort. When we bought the lot, I joked to our real estate agent, Isaac, that we would name it Casa Basura, or Trash House. At the time it was a vacant lot with a low wall which invited the tossing of neighborhood trash into it. One night I dreamt we named it Casa de la Piña Negra, or House of the Black Pineapple. Angie struck that down before I even finished saying it. Casa Tamarindo seemed like an obvious choice, due to the giant tamarind tree in front of the house. There are, however, numerous Casas Tamarindo in Mérida and beyond. Add in that our tamarind tree is gone due to the hurricane/tropical storm that moved through a couple of months ago and it really doesn't fit anymore anyways. I tried looking up cool Mayan names. Like Jaguar's Paw or something equally overdramatic, but nothing was really working. Random name generators, no help. Also, shouldn't the name be meaningful to us? Months slipped by and still no n

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