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The process of design

How does all of this work?

Our first intentions of buying in Mérida was to find an old home and renovate it. Building from scratch wasn't really on our radar. In fact, it seems rather daunting.

With a house in place, you're somewhat restricted by what the bones of that house offer you. However, that restriction isn't a restriction in design because it can help you envision the space, the layout, the style in a real and concrete way. You can let it guide you and let your creativity work like finding solutions to a puzzle.

Having a wide open space to build is like staring at a white and empty canvas. You can do anything, but there's a fear of touching brush to canvas because what if that isn't the right choice? What if there was a better choice? Because there are an almost infinite amount of choices!

It gives us the chance to have anything we desire, let's hope that what we want is what we actually want.

The process which began with finding and settling on an arc…

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