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First visit to the construction site

 May 16-19 I made my first trip to the construction site in Mérida last week, Monday, May 17. I was in town to make another payment and to meet up with the architect/builder who swung me by the site to see how things were going. Fabián, of Workshop: Diseño + Construcción, picked me up and took me to the office. I asked him a few more questions that we had come up with along the way and then I promptly proceeded to break their chair in the office. I know I've gained some pandemic pounds, I guess that's my sign. I didn't fall on the floor or anything, I just heard it crack and I jumped up. Incredibly embarrassing, but also motivation to get my butt moving when I get home. After that, he took me to the site. It's a stunning thing to behold. That once garbage-strewn, quiet and empty lot to be filled with activity and transformed by so much hard work. Half of the old stone wall is gone, replaced by a metal gate and some reinforcing wire stood up to make a wall. Inside of tha

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