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A few days in Merida and the Showcase of Homes

We've been back from Merida for a couple of weeks and it's late of me to jot down my experience. I had hoped to have more stories and fun photos, but this trip played out a bit differently.

We arrived on Saturday night and Angie learned a new lesson. She always likes to book us near the back of the plane. She has a little anxiety, and being in the back makes her feel a little better. I hate being in the back. I have long legs and being in the back just guarantees me extra time stuck in that cramped seat. But for most flights I just sit where I'm told.

But more importantly, when coming to Merida, if you are on the back of the plane, you are in the back of the line when going through passport control, which means you'll be in the back of the line for customs.

When I originally started flying direct into Merida, going through customs seemed like a pretty breezy affair. You push the little button to determine if you are going to be searched or not, and then go on out. But …