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One house, Two house, Green house, Blue house

We were in Merida, and even though we were not in position to buy a house, I wasn't going to miss my opportunity to see the two houses that I thought I bought on separate occasions in the last year.

I knew exactly where the houses were and they were not far from Casa de los Monos, where we were staying.

We had made the appointment with Isaac to view the homes a few days after we got there. But the first morning we were there me and Angie walked by the houses. And around the blocks. And throughout the neighborhoods to get a full feel of them.

We looked at what the neighbors were. Any bars or mechanics shops would signal defeat. Busy and loud roads. Nearby markets. Timed the walk to Santa Lucia, of course. And sort of analog and sensory input I could think of, we measured.

I brought a tape measure with me to Merida. A strange item in my carry on, sure. But I was going to put it to use.

One thing I have always found difficult is judging sizes of rooms and lots. Back home I've use…

Back to Merida and the discovery of Wookiee Monchis

Visiting Merida was a great relief for us. And me in particular.

We had a good chance to relax and staying in the city made it much easier to show Angie around and really help her to completely fall in love with it all. To feel the safety and the vibrancy of the city. To experience the food and the shops. And even though we missed the larger day of the dead parade, Angie still had plenty of chances to take photos and experience some of that part of the Mexican and Mayan culture.

She was able to get up close and get a good spot to take some photos. I, on the other hand, being a tall gringo was steadily shoved back farther and farther to make way for shorter people. I didn't fight it and just went with the flow so everyone could have a good time.

It also gave me us the chance to experience Green House and Blue House up close and personal, which I will get into in another post.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't walking around Merida waiting for some phone call or some other th…