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Being a Mérida tour guide

Normally, when Angie and me come to town, we hang out by the pool. Walk a little bit. Eat. Hang out by the pool. Eat some more. Sleep. Repeat.

Bringing friends with required a bit more excitement.

One thing I could appreciate was that Ivan is an adventurous eater. I would consider myself an adventurous eater, as well, though when I'm with Angie I almost never make the effort, because I know she's a grilled-cheese girl.

This meant we got to try a lot more foods from street stalls, seafood and even those seasoned crickets (grasshoppers?) out of a bucket that you occasionally see street vendors taking around.

And a little al Pastor? Yes please!

I can honestly say, this was one of my favorite food trips. I mean, we always eat well in Mérida, but this time was a real opportunity to go outside the box with someone else.

Every meal was a little bit different.

For one of the meals, we wandered into Santa Ana Park looking for some lunch. I wasn't particularly hungry or fussy, and A…