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The park is... not coming along quickly

I blame myself for this, even though I know that's patently ridiculous. But it seems as though Gran Parque La Plancha has stalled a bit.

Hopefully this is a temporary stall, but it seems just my luck that I would come in, buy a property with the hopes of building and being close to this wonderful park. Hoping to one day cut through it to get to Calle 47 on the west side of the park where so many new restaurants are. And then it would stall and never happen. Or never happen in my lifetime. I'll die and a year later the park will be built and be even more fabulous than anyone could have imagined.

But I'm just being silly, of course. I mean, there's always the chance a project doesn't reach completion. In Mexico, in the United States. Anywhere, really. I'm still happy with the land, even if I never move an inch of soil on it. It was an exciting experience and some good lessons learned and just a pleasure having any small connection with Merida.

In other news, I wa…