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Taking friends on their first trip to Merida

Life has been busy and chaotic (what else is new?) so I am very, very far behind.

In January, we went to Merida for Angie's birthday. We brought along two friends who had never been out of the country besides Canada, and when you live as close to Canada as we do, that's not a particularly exciting adventure.

It's a strange experience. I talk about Merida so much it was kind of like introducing someone to your girlfriend for the first time. You don't expect them to fall madly in love, but you want to have them walk away saying "I get why he's so in love."

The other side of that is when I travel with other people I don't like to put expectations on them or myself. I don't want them to feel like they have to do what I want to do, or I have to do what they want to do. Because different people like different things.

Some people like structure and to have every detail of their trip planned out. Some people like to go with the flow.

So I figured we'd…