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Wiring the deposit, I don't think this is how any of this is supposed to work

With dad finally out of the hospital, I took some time in the morning to wire the 10% deposit to the account to be held by my attorney.

Full disclosure, I have never wired money. Ever.

I asked the person at the local bank handling our loan here if this is something they can do for me. She said it wouldn't be a problem. To watch out for scams and fraud, but otherwise it should be fine.

I printed out all the account info and took the sheet into the bank. The bank teller furrowed her brow and dug in. $20 fee for a wire transfer.

"Ok," I said.


Actually, this is an international transfer, so it's $75.

"Ok," I said.

More waiting.

She seemed very confused, and this worried me. Some mouth breathers, in the most literal meaning of that phrase, started squeezing in behind me. They're corn-nut breath invading my space. So close behind me I could almost feel them.

This seemed to agitate the teller more. She was having problems. I signed a bunch of document…

Nothing ever goes smoothly

From where last we left off. I made a fairly modest request on the purchase agreement and it was agreed upon.

Waiting for finalization and signing of it. Then need to wire the deposit.

In the meantime, nothing can ever be easy. My dad had a seizure on Monday. He hadn't had one in almost a year and a half. So, this was definitely not expected. He is doing well. Maybe a little down in spirits, but he will recover from this. Definitely a scary time for everyone.

Isaac tells me there is interest from another party in the property. So, the sooner we can get the agreement signed and the deposit money wired the better.

I won't be able to bother with it for another day or two, though. Definitely more important things to deal with. And I'm somewhat resigned to the fact that I may lose this one somehow, too.

But that's okay. I'm just letting life go where it takes me and playing the hand I'm dealt.

In positive news for us short term, the peso has been falling recently. T…

Getting to the purchase agreement

The bank here in the U.S. is churning on with the loan and we've reached the preliminary purchase agreement stage on the Mexico end of things.

The way this works, at least in my case, is the notary in Mexico writes up the purchase agreement. It's a side-by-side document. One side in Spanish, the other side in English. As helpful as that seems, it is clearly stated that the Spanish half of the agreement rules. So, if there is any doubt in a section, or an area you want to be absolutely sure is accurate, make sure it is accurate in Spanish.

My Spanish skills are still a work in progress. Speaking Spanish is still a non-starter that we'll get into someday. But I can read it fairly well. Add in a little help from Google and we're doing okay!

The idea behind the agreement is both parties read through it and once they both agree on it, they sign it and 10% of the purchase price is transferred to an account to be held by the notary. At that time, if I back out, I forfeit the …

The wheels turn on, slowly

A week in and things are slowly progressing as far as I'm aware. Haven't heard any news from anyone lately.

Locally, our dog, who recently underwent surgery to remove a tumor, now likely has diabetes. Which will require us to give her expensive insulin injections twice a day. That news has taken the shine off of the Merida purchase attempt. It's hard to be excited about one thing when another thing has us concerned. But we've been told it's not a huge deal. Happens to lots of dogs. Not ideal, but won't affect her greatly.

While I wait, in a sort of limbo, with regards to the property purchase I have flashes of buyer's remorse. That's nothing new to me. I have buyer's remorse over new shoes. It seems reasonable that I'd have it over such a large purchase.

This is a different remorse to my earlier remorse. I'm not wondering as much if I should have made this attempt to buy it as much as I'm wondering if I am doing all the smart and safe th…

We've cleared the banking hurdle

The talk with the bank went well. Everything seems in place. Secured enough extra to account for some possible exchange rate collapses.

The lawyer in Mexico is doing his thing and I am filling out tons of paperwork and proving my existence in various and beautifully annoying ways.

Any doubts I've been having are starting to melt away and be replaced by excitement.

Is this actually happening?

This wasn't the most thoughtful post, but I just wanted to provide the update.

One thing that will be kind of tricky is putting an heir into the paperwork. We want to be able to leave it to our nieces and nephew someday, but we don't want to tell Angie's family we're buying a house in Mexico. They will probably not approve and there could be some Catholic guilt flying our way.

So, for now we're just saying we need some info of Angie's brother-in-law because we're trying to "update some life insurance policies."

Hopefully that works, for now.

I'll updat…

Slowly, very slowly, things are moving ahead

A quick update to the previous post. We have agreed on a price in pesos for the lot. It's a little higher than my peso suggestion, but it's a pretty minimal gap. I think we can handle it. We differed a little on what we considered the "current" exchange rate. But I'm not going to get too fussy about it and I'll just hope it turns itself in my favor, somehow.

Next step, it moves over to the lawyer to check the title and taxes and make sure everything is good on that front. Set up all the other paperwork I'll need to go through and I think we're slowly turning those wheels. I'll go to the bank tomorrow to secure what I need in a loan. And then I think it's a waiting game. I have been told many times that the process is not a quick one. And I'm not in a rush anyways.

I haven't taken out any sort of loan in a million years, so I'm not at all prepared, of course. Two years of tax history, pay stubs, bank statements, blood sample, urine …

Let's try this one more time

I write one sad-sack post about how all opportunities are slipping away, and a day later everything changes.
I went home that night after writing that post, looking through the roll-call of houses on the various sites. It was a list of "sold" or "under contract" and a few other houses far from my preferred neighborhoods. A couple in neighborhoods I do desire were incredibly high in price.
Angie tried reassuring me that she's been working hard at her photography business and that things will turn around and then we'll be able to afford "whatever we want."

I like her wishful enthusiasm, and it made me feel a little less down.
The next morning I went back to Isaac's site where I had seen a property I liked, but was too expensive for me, of course. I just wanted to go and drool over it a little more. Try and convince myself if I moved enough things around, maybe it wasn't so crazy and unreasonable (it was.)
What popped up first in front of me o…

Cold here, and Merida feels somehow colder

It's April 3rd and spring is nowhere in sight here. My birthday is a little over a month away. 40 years old, and I'd hoped to be celebrating it with a trip to the bank to get a loan and buy a Merida house.

Of course, things don't go as planned very often. I knew there was a strong possibility that it would be too far off and Blue house and Green house would sell. And like clockwork and almost within days of each other, they did exactly that.

The market in Merida is quickly becoming a seller's market and I am just as quickly being priced out of my dream.

I probably should have just stuck it out when Angie was laid off. I think we would have been fine if I had bought Green house then. Or even Blue house. But I chickened out and now I've got nothing and no prospects.

Even moving farther from Centro, prices are rising. I'll keep looking, but the dollar keeps falling to the peso and I'm really unsure what my options are right now. Late to the party again.