Cold here, and Mérida feels somehow colder

It's April 3rd and spring is nowhere in sight here. My birthday is a little over a month away. 40 years old, and I'd hoped to be celebrating it with a trip to the bank to get a loan and buy a Mérida house.

Of course, things don't go as planned very often. I knew there was a strong possibility that it would be too far off and Blue House and Green House would sell. And like clockwork and almost within days of each other, they did exactly that.

The market in Mérida is quickly becoming a seller's market and I am just as quickly being priced out of my dream.

I probably should have just stuck it out when Angie was laid off. I think we would have been fine if I had bought Green House then. Or even Blue House. But I chickened out and now I've got nothing and no prospects.

Even moving farther from Centro, prices are rising. I'll keep looking, but the dollar keeps falling to the peso and I'm really unsure what my options are right now. Late to the party again.


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