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Welcome back

It's been two months since my last post. And some things have changed while others remain the same.

Angie still doesn't have a job, but she has decided to start pursuing her photography full time by starting her own photography business. It's a slow start, but I know she'll do great. She's always been a great photographer and her personality is always so cheery that people will love working with her.

I haven't really been looking at Merida homes lately. I've been busy helping Angie start her business, working on finishing renovating our basement and even started a podcast with a couple of friends. That busy work has helped keep my mind fairly occupied.

I also started drinking a little more than usual, and that hasn't gone well with forming a more positive attitude or with keeping off weight. So, I've decided to stop that for awhile or maybe permanently. Time to trim up in time for winter holidays, when I can then fatten up. All of which makes zero s…