Welcome back

It's been two months since my last post. And some things have changed while others remain the same.

Angie still doesn't have a job, but she has decided to start pursuing her photography full time by starting her own photography business. It's a slow start, but I know she'll do great. She's always been a great photographer and her personality is always so cheery that people will love working with her.

I haven't really been looking at Mérida homes lately. I've been busy helping Angie start her business, working on finishing renovating our basement and even started a podcast with a couple of friends. That busy work has helped keep my mind fairly occupied.

I also started drinking a little more than usual, and that hasn't gone well with forming a more positive attitude or with keeping off weight. So, I've decided to stop that for a while or maybe permanently. Time to trim up in time for winter holidays, when I can then fatten up. All of which makes zero sense, I know.

Although I haven't spent a lot of time looking at Mérida houses, I have kept tabs on Green and Blue House. So far they are still both for sale.

I wrote to Isaac, just generally keeping him vaguely updated on our situation. I'm not sure that he cares, but I felt like I wanted him to know I hadn't given up yet. And I hope he hasn't given up on us.

Now, here's where things actually take a more positive turn. I hesitate at writing about it, because it seems like disaster is usually lurking around the corner with me lately. But no, I'm gonna be more positive!

Angie found some very cheap tickets to Mérida, over roughly the same time we were originally planning to go next month, and she decided to buy them and call it my 40th birthday present. Now, technically my birthday is next May, but I won't complain about the timing.

The trip I was so looking forward to, then thought I lost, is now back again and only four weeks away! *woof* What a roller coaster. There's barely enough time for me to mentally prepare for it.

I still don't have time to look up houses for sale, I've been getting the yard and house ready for winter as well as helping Angie get her booth ready for an upcoming bridal show. And maybe I shouldn't be looking at houses anyways?

Part of me wants to ask Isaac if, since we're going to be there, it would be okay to look at Green and Blue Houses?

I mean, we can't buy either one right now. Not until Angie is on stable financial ground. Until then we need to keep our savings intact and close by, not invested in a house in Mexico. Maybe next year will be a better year? Will Green or Blue House still be on the market? Are we just wasting Isaac's time? I guess I have a month to think on it all.

In the meantime I had to scramble to find a house to rent. The house we previously had rented and subsequently had to cancel had already been re-booked by someone else. And the options were dwindling. We found one we really liked near Santa Ana park, so I put my request in. Unfortunately, so had four other prospective travelers and we missed out.

This morning I found an alternate that I hadn't seen before, this one nearer to Santiago, Casa de los Monos. This time I didn't hesitate and I pulled the trigger. This time with success!

We're all booked up and I'm very excited and happy again! And it only took two months for things to edge back around. Let's hope this is a sign of better things to come.

So, yeah, welcome back, to me, to you, to Mérida, to happiness.


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