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Casa Sisal

Our first time in Merida and we get to stay at Casa Sisal. Wow. Staying there ranks as one of the highlights of my life. Is that kind of sad? Maybe, I don't know, but this is, without a doubt, the nicest place I have ever stayed.

We found Casa Sisal on the internet and it looked like something out of a magazine (which, technically, I guess it is.) So we just had to stay there. Let's be super fancy once in our lives! Could we afford it? Mmmm, sort of. It was a bit pricier than other rentals in Merida, but Angie used her super friendly nature, which I do not possess, to talk the owner into lowering the price just a bit so we could squeeze it into our budget. And I am so glad it worked out.

Casa Sisal is part of Hacienda Sac Chich, which was part of a large henequen operation in the mid to late 1800s. Casa Sisal is a newer, modern house built within the walls of the old drying fields. I'm not going to spend a ton of time pretending I can relate the history properly. Go to the…

Our first trip to Merida, Part 2

The jungle of the Yucatan fades to almost complete black after the sun has set. Driving along the main highway connecting Cancun to Merida, thanks to delays at the airport and car rental, we did not have a lot of sunlight to work with.

As the sun was going down we would occasionally see a man with a cart, usually attached in some fashion to a bicycle or motorized bicycle, loaded with freshly gathered wood. A lot of the houses around here are still fueled by wood. Wood cooking, wood heat (if you need heat?)

With my nerves frayed and my anxiety at peak levels we drove into the dark like we were heading into a David Lynch film.

At some point we had stopped talking and drove in silence. Not out of anger, I imagine we both were just spinning the wheels of our mind about what was going to happen. Will anyone be at the house when we arrive? Should we have stayed in Cancun?

By now we were close enough to Merida that we could see the glow in the sky. According to my phone's GPS we were qu…

Our first trip to Merida, Part 1

After nearly five years of pining over Merida, Mexico, wearing my wife, Angie, down with my obsessiveness and nine months of waiting for the trip. It was finally time to make our first visit.

Angie had bought the tickets for my birthday in May, and now it was Sunday, February 2, 2014. I remember the date because it was also Super Bowl Sunday. Super Bowl XLVIII to be exact, the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Denver Broncos.
We were at our local airport in the morning, and the plan was that we'd fly into Denver and have a bit of a layover, fly into Cancun around 2 p.m. where we'd rent a car and drive to the house we rented near Merida. Should be plenty of time to catch the end of the game, I thought.
In the Denver airport, everything was decked out in Broncos gear and we ate a late breakfast at John Elway's restaurant in the airport. It seemed like the right decision considering the day. Everyone was bright and happy and excited.

And I was emotional, too. Less so about the Super B…

Finding Merida, Mexico

I 'discovered' Merida, Mexico most likely the same way most gringos do, unless they're Francisco de Montejo, through an episode of House Hunters International 8 years ago.

My wife and I had become regular watchers of HHI and we watched that night the episode with Rob and Erich as they toured beautiful colonial homes with prices that seemed amazingly low. Normally, I only paid close attention to the show when they were in Italy. The rest of the episodes I spent grumbling about the fussiness of the buyers. (Do you really need two sinks? Why does your bedroom have to be so big? What are you doing in there?)

But this time I was hooked. Right down to the pain they felt looking at a property right next door to a house they had almost purchased, until things went belly up. I didn't know it at the time, but that is a detail that would haunt me in the future.

I had been thinking about cool places to move to for awhile. To retire young, or if not completely retire, just to let l…