We've cleared the banking hurdle

The talk with the bank went well. Everything seems in place. Secured enough extra to account for some possible exchange rate collapses.

The lawyer in Mexico is doing his thing and I am filling out tons of paperwork and proving my existence in various and beautifully annoying ways.

Any doubts I've been having are starting to melt away and be replaced by excitement.

Is this actually happening?

This wasn't the most thoughtful post, but I just wanted to provide the update.

One thing that will be kind of tricky is putting an heir into the paperwork. We want to be able to leave it to our nieces and nephew someday, but we haven't wanted to tell Angie's family we're buying a house in Mexico. They may not approve.

So, for now we're just saying we need some info of Angie's brother-in-law because we're trying to "update some life insurance policies."

Hopefully that works, for now, but someday they need to know.

I'll update soon as the process unfolds.


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