Nothing ever goes smoothly

From where last we left off. I made a fairly modest request on the purchase agreement and it was agreed upon.

Waiting for finalization and signing of it. Then need to wire the deposit.

In the meantime, nothing can ever be easy. My dad had a seizure on Monday. He hadn't had one in almost a year and a half. So, this was definitely not expected. He is doing well. Maybe a little down in spirits, but he will recover from this. Definitely a scary time for everyone.

Isaac tells me there is interest from another party in the property. So, the sooner we can get the agreement signed and the deposit money wired the better.

I won't be able to bother with it for another day or two, though. Definitely more important things to deal with. I'm somewhat resigned to the fact that I may lose this one somehow, too.

But that's okay. I'm just letting life go where it takes me and playing the hand I'm dealt.

In positive news for us short term, the peso has been falling recently. Turbulence over the upcoming Mexican presidential election. And since the price is now fixed in pesos, well, we're in a position to potentially save a bit of cash on this.


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