Wiring the deposit, I don't think this is how any of this is supposed to work

With dad finally out of the hospital, I took some time in the morning to wire the 10% deposit to the account to be held by my attorney.

Full disclosure, I have never wired money. Ever.

I asked the person at the local bank handling our loan here if this is something they can do for me. She said it wouldn't be a problem. To watch out for scams and fraud, but otherwise it should be fine.

I printed out all the account info and took the sheet into the bank. The bank teller furrowed her brow and dug in. $20 fee for a wire transfer.

"Ok," I said.


Actually, this is an international transfer, so it's $75.

"Ok," I said.

More waiting.

She seemed very confused, and this worried me. Some mouth breathers, in the most literal meaning of that phrase, started squeezing in behind me. They're corn-nut breath invading my space. So close behind me I could almost feel them.

This pileup seemed to agitate the teller more. She was having problems. I signed a bunch of documents, basically saying if they lost my money, it wasn't their fault. And then she said she'd "finish it later" and gave me a receipt.

I was nervous, but I was fairly confident they knew what they were doing.

I emailed the attorney and Isaac saying I had made the international wire transfer. Hopefully it came through soon.

That email was returned with "This isn't an international transfer, it's a U.S. Bank you're transferring to."

So, now I've been charged a fee I didn't deserve. Plus, who knows if the teller even sent the money correctly. It's probably bouncing around in the ether, lost to everyone.

Seems like my luck. Being as it's Friday, will probably take another business day or two to show up. So, now I can spend the weekend unsure if I just wired $10,000 to nowhere.

Stay tuned, I guess.