Choosing pasta tiles for Mérida

 The day after picking pasta tiles for the back bedrooms, we were tasked with choosing tiles for the whole house.

The bedrooms was easy, we went with no pattern and just had to settle on a color.

The rest of the house would be a challenge. For me anyways. Angie kept telling me, "it will be easy, don't worry."

The place to pick pasta tiles is Mosaicos La Peninsular in Mérida.

I had looked on there website a few months ago, thinking I might get a jump start on things, but instead became so incredibly overwhelmed with the choices that I kind of gave up. My head was spinning and I knew that even if I did decide something, I'd change my mind ten times in the ensuing months.

Not being there in person, we had to pick online and we will pray that the colors will be close to what we think they are in our mind's eye.

The pasta tiles are thick and hand made. Colors can be mixed and matched, I was told, and also since they are made by hand colors of tiles can have slight variations. All this adds to the charm.

A part of me wanted to be bold with color choices and patterns, but Angie was pushing for more neutral tones. Wanting the artwork and furniture to carry most of the color.

The bold part of me was not so bold that I wanted to put up a strong fight.

Using my graphic design skills, I opened our floorplan in Adobe Illustrator and started playing with different tiles and different colors for different rooms.

I spent most of my free time on Saturday and Sunday just flipping through different tile combinations. Looking at other houses in Mérida for inspiration and, ultimately, settled on a pretty basic design. I added some ideas for tiles for the backsplash and requested the island have a waterfall countertop on one side and presto! It was done.

Well, not so much presto, but it was done and awaiting approval from Angie before sending it off to our architects so they could order tiles.

In my head, I will change my mind about 50 more times before the house is actually complete. Only in my head, though. I can't make any drastic changes anymore and really mess things up. At some point, I need to trust my brain and stick with the decisions we've all made.

We'll be down in another month! What a wild year!