Taking friends on their first trip to Merida

Life has been busy and chaotic (what else is new?) so I am very, very far behind.

In January, we went to Merida for Angie's birthday. We brought along two friends who had never been out of the country besides Canada, and when you live as close to Canada as we do, that's not a particularly exciting adventure.

It's a strange experience. I talk about Merida so much it was kind of like introducing someone to your girlfriend for the first time. You don't expect them to fall madly in love, but you want to have them walk away saying "I get why he's so in love."

The other side of that is when I travel with other people I don't like to put expectations on them or myself. I don't want them to feel like they have to do what I want to do, or I have to do what they want to do. Because different people like different things.

Some people like structure and to have every detail of their trip planned out. Some people like to go with the flow.

So I figured we'd…

A few days in Merida and the Showcase of Homes

We've been back from Merida for a couple of weeks and it's late of me to jot down my experience. I had hoped to have more stories and fun photos, but this trip played out a bit differently.

We arrived on Saturday night and Angie learned a new lesson. She always likes to book us near the back of the plane. She has a little anxiety, and being in the back makes her feel a little better. I hate being in the back. I have long legs and being in the back just guarantees me extra time stuck in that cramped seat. But for most flights I just sit where I'm told.

But more importantly, when coming to Merida, if you are on the back of the plane, you are in the back of the line when going through passport control, which means you'll be in the back of the line for customs.

When I originally started flying direct into Merida, going through customs seemed like a pretty breezy affair. You push the little button to determine if you are going to be searched or not, and then go on out. But …

Showcase of Homes in Merida

I assumed when we go to Merida in November that we would just see Isaac, get the keys to our property and then relax.

Perusing my emails I ran into the Yucatán Expat Life newsletter and opened it up. The main article was for the Showcase of Homes. I've always thought it would be fun to go, but there was never going to be a chance we made a special trip for it.

It just so happens to be happening on the Sunday we will be there! So, I emailed them and reserved out tickets. I am beyond excited.

I'll be sure to post some photos to my Instagram account @themeridafix.

Going back sooner than we thought

I wrote to Isaac for the first time since we closed on the property. I just wanted to let him know that we are going to be in Merida in January.

I hadn't realized it had been so long since we closed and last spoke! A little over four months ago was our last interaction. It's been too long!

Other than that, not much going on. Getting ready for Halloween here. Unfortunately, no celebrating in Merida this year for us. Angie has a wedding a few days before.

A day or two after emailing Isaac we'd be there in January to pick up our keys (to the gate, I guess, since it's just an empty lot full of garbage) and Angie says she found cheap tickets for November!

It's only for a few days, but it has been incredibly cold here already and I am more than happy to get down to Merida. So, I wrote Isaac a follow up "just kidding, we'll be there in a month" email.

So, I'm definitely looking forward to that! And I'll be taking photos and sharing them to my Instagr…

The park is... not coming along quickly

I blame myself for this, even though I know that's patently ridiculous. But it seems as though Gran Parque La Plancha has stalled a bit.

Hopefully this is a temporary stall, but it seems just my luck that I would come in, buy a property with the hopes of building and being close to this wonderful park. Hoping to one day cut through it to get to Calle 47 on the west side of the park where so many new restaurants are. And then it would stall and never happen. Or never happen in my lifetime. I'll die and a year later the park will be built and be even more fabulous than anyone could have imagined.

But I'm just being silly, of course. I mean, there's always the chance a project doesn't reach completion. In Mexico, in the United States. Anywhere, really. I'm still happy with the land, even if I never move an inch of soil on it. It was an exciting experience and some good lessons learned and just a pleasure having any small connection with Merida.

In other news, I wa…

What's new? Not a ton

Haven't written a post in a while. Mostly because anything Merida related has been pretty quiet. Which is good. There's nothing else to do, it's just land, I guess. So, it sits and waits, and potentially fills with trash.

The main concerns at home are trying to save money and get the loan paid off as soon as possible. So we can potentially build sooner. Our dog is not helping with that. She's still struggling with her health and the vet bills keep adding up. But, that's the way it goes. Hopefully we can sort her out sooner rather than later.

Thanks to the favorable exchange rate, we've ended up with around $15k in cash in hand. I've been debating what to do with it. Smart thing would be to dump it on the loan and cut that sucker way down. But I just bought land in Mexico, so there's a good chance I don't always do the 'smart' thing.

Other options would be to invest it in Angie's business a little bit. Although I think she's pretty we…


I was correct in my previous assertion that there had been a delay in closing. But Alonso got it all worked out and everything is done. We are now the owners of a garbage filled lot in Merida! For better or worse.

It was a good day. It was my mom's birthday, my dad passed his driving test to get his license back and we found out that the land was ours.

It's an odd feeling, knowing that we own a piece of Merida. Something I thought might never happen, that seemed like a silly dream for so long. It solidifies a connection for me.

I wish we had the money to built right away, but that's not realistic. But boy are ideas running through my head and my Pinterest page is fattening up. I've started following architects from Merida on Instagram and Facebook. I am ready to do this!

I'd love to fly down and get the keys and hang out in our garbage dump. But that will have to wait a little bit. Maybe in October sometime. There's no hurry, I guess.

I knew this post wasn'…