Another update as summer officially begins

It's June 21 and the daylight days have reached their maximum length and will start to wind their way back to winter. The rainy season has set in around the Yucatán, which will make for some muddy and wet construction on the house.

We got some new photos and video of the progress and I guess I wasn't sure what to expect, honestly. Maybe some walls starting to go up? Maybe just the footings to be finished? So it was a surprise to see so much accomplished.

The middle bedrooms are built up and enclosed. Reminder that we're not building the back bedroom at this time. I still wonder if that was a good decision on my part, or not, but we'll live with it.

And the wall for the pool has been put up, giving it more form than simply a hole in the ground.

You can see the now vs. future finished versions in the photos here.

It's almost surreal to see the buildings taking shape and becoming something similar to those original drawings.

I did have to ask that the windows be made longer like in the drawing. I had noticed when we had received the final plans that the windows were not as tall. They didn't reach to the floor like in the drawings, so I requested that change but it must not have made it into the final plans.
But that's okay, they told me they could fix it, no problem. So, we should be good.

The perimeter wall on the  north side is going up quickly. I'm hoping the neighbors are okay with this. They don't have a large back yard as it is, but they could see over the low wall into our property before if they wanted some space to see things. Now, they will be walled off. I try to convince myself they'll be okay with this because at least there won't be weeds and mosquitoes and god knows what else living in that lot, so they'll be happy.

For now, I have myself convinced. I guess someday I may find out how true that is.

You can see there's still a gap to the neighbors right now. I guess I don't know why there's a gap there, I assume there's a reason but I didn't ask since it doesn't matter to me and I don't want to overwhelm with questions that are just me being incredibly nosy.

Also, yes, the pool is big, though this photo is taken with a fish-eye lens which distorts it a bit. So it's not that big.

The rainy season has deposited some water in the pool, so I guess someone could technically go for an inaugural "swim" in those few inches of mud.

Angie said, "there are two bedrooms and pool, let's get some hammocks and we're ready to stay there." I guess with a port-a-potty on site (a home-made one) she's not entirely wrong, haha. But I think we'll wait.

I haven't decided when my next trip down will happen. Could be middle of July or middle of August depending on progress. Definitely in love with the progress so far, but in the early stages when everything is done in the elements, you're at the mercy of the weather. I've always been of the mind I'd like things to be done safely and be done well, I'm not interested in speed.

That's really all of the news I have for right now as far as building a house goes. Hopefully we'll have some more news and photos in a couple weeks! Take care.