First visit to the construction site

 May 16-19

I made my first trip to the construction site in Mérida last week, Monday, May 17. I was in town to make another payment and to meet up with the architect/builder who swung me by the site to see how things were going.

Fabián, of Workshop: Diseño + Construcción, picked me up and took me to the office. I asked him a few more questions that we had come up with along the way and then I promptly proceeded to break their chair in the office. I know I've gained some pandemic pounds, I guess that's my sign. I didn't fall on the floor or anything, I just heard it crack and I jumped up. Incredibly embarrassing, but also motivation to get my butt moving when I get home.

After that, he took me to the site.

It's a stunning thing to behold. That once garbage-strewn, quiet and empty lot to be filled with activity and transformed by so much hard work.

Half of the old stone wall is gone, replaced by a metal gate and some reinforcing wire stood up to make a wall. Inside of that sits some concrete blocks stacked high which will eventually be the walls of the house.

I walked up to the mesh, thinking there must be a way to sneak in through an opening, but Fabián opened a door in the metal gate and I followed him through.

I didn't expect anything wild to be complete. I know it's hard work and the heat has been unbearable. They were a little behind schedule because the ground was so rocky and hard. A thin line was strung across the property, I assume to mark something with the foundation. An extension cord hung overhead, apparently siphoning off power from the neighbors to run a small radio.

The pool was dug and what a massive hole. I'd sketched it in chalk on our driveway to  judge the size of it and I knew it was huge. But seeing a chunk pulled out of the ground and the incredible ditch left behind makes it crystal clear. It made me smile and I tried to contain myself from busting out in joy in front of these men working their asses off in the sweltering heat.


I asked about the tree growing on the wall and if we were going to be able to keep that. Absolutely! The other tree that had either been struck by lightning or someone had built a campfire too close to would have to be cut down, but they are going to try to keep the base of it to make a kind of artistic natural "sculpture" in the yard. Definitely excited about that idea.

Some of the footings are in and Fabián asked if it would be okay to raise the house slightly to avoid having to keep digging out more and more stone. That works for me. I know we didn't want a lot of steps, initially, in case my parents or other people who have trouble with steps visit. One or two broad steps should be okay.

And that was pretty much it. I was in and out pretty quick, trying not to be awkward or get in anybody's way. When I return in a few months there will likely be floors and walls under construction. Excited by the results so far!

Take care!


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