Construction begins today!


Construction begins today, or the cleaning of the lot begins today. Either way, things begin today!

They'll also remove the current gate on the property and replace it with a different one to get their equipment into the area.  I assume they'll take out part of the wall for the gate to be wider?

I don't know, but I wish I was there to see it. Even if nothing major happens, even if they pick up one old Christmas tree from the pile, throw it in a flatbed and declare they're done for the day. The fact that anything is happening there is huge and makes me so damn excited. Almost to an irrational degree.

Will the neighbors come out and wonder what the heck is happening? Or probably just go about their day because they don't really care. It's just my stupid, gringo butt that is ecstatic about this.

I have another post I was working on that will come out soon. But I wanted to get this one out and on the record on the day of. So that's all I've got for this. Take care.