Building a house is a game of patience

A couple more weeks.

That's what we were told. The INAH paperwork is taking longer than expected so we're still in a holding pattern as far as starting construction.

This probably isn't the worst news in the world. I need to go down roughly every two months during construction in order to make payments and check on the progress. With construction pushed back, this pushes back my trips, too.

This adds time where maybe everything gets a little more healthy and some travel restrictions are modified or relaxed and more people can get vaccinated.

I was expecting to go down in late March to make another payment and check progress, but now maybe that goes farther back into the end of April or early May?

I'm still making lists in my head, refining things and working on questions I'll eventually need to write down and ask. 

I need to make at least one more transfer down to the bank in Mexico to have enough money in there to pay off construction. Maybe two if I fart around too long.

But that's it. Short update, I know, but not much else going on right now.

Hopefully we'll have some news and some startup progress soon.

Front of the property as it appears now.

Front of the property as it will appear in the future.
(hopefully, though I think our actual tree is bigger by a hot minute)


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