Where do we stand?

 It's been a roller coaster, and that's putting it in the mildest of terms.

Between coronavirus, Angie's mom, my dad and everything in between, the hits keep on coming.

I won't go into crazy details, but I was hospitalized over the weekend. It was more of an abundance of caution thing than an actual emergency.

I'd been having heartburn for about a month or so (I wonder why?) but it had gotten really bad over the last week.

Then on Saturday I woke up in the night and had a numb/tingly left arm. Well, that didn't seem like a good combination, so to ER it was. It is 2020, after all, no reason not to take things seriously.

After a multitude of tests and a good part of the day in the hospital, it was deemed to be heartburn and probably a pinched nerve in the arm.

It's a relief, but still just an extra level of stress.

The next day there were some issues with my grandma's apartment that I've been spending this week dealing with. So, while I need a rest, I cannot get one.

I was hoping to send the money to expedite the permits this week, but that is falling off my list quickly.

We are still hoping the virus can stay abated and we can go down to Mérida in January. Even that is in some amount of doubt.

Life is just coming fast right now and really wearing us out. This is why I want to retire early, though. Because you just don't know how much time you might have left in this world, and I've scrimped and saved and had some good fortune in my life and really want to enjoy some of it while I can.

Let's take care of each other, and try to be a better friend in the world.

Until next time.