It's almost like we're famous! (it's a big deal to me, dangit!)

I've followed MID CityBeat for quite a while. Stephanie, who runs it, is always doing an excellent job promoting new and different businesses and restaurants on Facebook and Instagram. Our first trip to our favorite restaurant, Zinc, was a MID CityBeat recommendation. 

Much to my surprise, while browsing the old Instagrams last night, I came across this photo.

Photo by MID CityBeat
Photo by MID CityBeat
My initial reaction was "Hey, that looks familiar."

I had to do a compare with my own photos, and yep, that's our tree and that's our wall and that's our land on the other side!

What are the chances that Stephanie would be wandering around our neighborhood! It definitely was a pretty cool feeling, like being mentioned by a celebrity, which I know is kind of only a thing to me.

I actually saw Stephanie in Mérida once, walking around, and thought I should say "hi, love your work," but instead I ran away like a frightened fan.

Anyways, this isn't a major post, but I just thought it was worth the mention.

The Facebook post can be seen here:

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Take care!


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