Remembering important people

There were no miracles awaiting us. Things did not get better slowly, everything fell off a cliff all at once.

Angie's mom passed away Saturday night after a 20 day fight in the hospital. The only positive is that the girls and their dad were able to go and say goodbye before she went.

She raised some strong girls and had a strong hand in raising her grandchildren, so she left behind a strong legacy. Anytime anyone is missing her, they just need to look at what she left behind in the intelligent people that she poured so much of herself into.

She will be missed greatly, like anyone important in your life is missed. I'll remember her laugh and her "I don't know" when she thought you needed to be cautious. 

She was a beautiful lady and her joy was infectious.

If you have your parents and you can, give them a hug.

And be kind to one another.

Take care.