Waiting for the miracle to come

 It's been almost a week and we're still waiting for good news for Angie's mom. Unfortunately, none of us can go see her because of the COVID and restrictions. So, we're hundreds of miles away waiting for phone calls of lab results and any flicker of hope.

She still has her tubes in for breathing until they perform an angiogram which they have put off the last couple of days. You want to assume they know what they are doing, but you also want them to move the needle and stop putting it off. Hoping if they remove the tube that she can wake up and we can assess how she is doing, mentally and physically.

It's depressing and it's torturous. I have spent the week trying to be positive and keep Angie's spirits up, but even I am starting to wear down as the week progresses and we're seeing little movement in positive news.

The best positive news we've had is that there's been no new negative news. That was good early in the week, but it's thin fuel right now.

The architects wrote me back today to set up a call next week to go over the estimate. I wish I could say I was happy or excited, but I'm not. This has been something I have been eagerly anticipating for some time, but now it's just hollow.

I set the time up for next week anyways and hope that this weekend will bring some good news on Angie's mom.

It's a short update today, but it's just the nature of where we're at in 2020.

Take care of each other and yourself.