Putting things into perspective

There are many times when 2020 has frustrated us. Sometimes legitimately and sometimes in ways of inconvenience.

But last night put everything into perspective and melted away any trivialities of 2020.

Angie's mom had a brain hemorrhage and fell last night. Luckily Angie's sister lives nearby and her husband was able to run over and help and call an ambulance. She was flown to another city for surgery and treatment and we sit here waiting, running on almost zero sleep, hoping for good news and sometimes any news.

Nothing seems particularly pressing right now. The world and it's problems have peeled away like the dried outer layers of an onion and all we have is this, right now.

She also tested positive for COVID, which is an added thing we didn't need. It's already nearly impossible to visit a loved one in the hospital, this makes it completely impossible.

We're going to hope for only good news from this point on, because until now it has just been progressively worse. It's hard to stay positive when every positive is met with a negative. But we're still here and we'll be ready for some happy.

I've been so worried and stressed for my dad through all of this, and this is just another layer.

Family is important and you should never take them for granted. Enjoy the moments you have with them and try to be good to each other.

Take care everyone.


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