Some more people I'm watching on YouTube

 As I nervously await the construction estimate to make its way to me, I've been watching some new YouTube people making videos in (or about) Mérida.

Let me highlight some of them here in no particular order:

SPK Lifestyle is a vlogger whose main focus is on healthy living and weight loss, but he recently moved to Mérida and has some posts about the city which I enjoy quite a bit. He seems like an incredibly nice person and has a great personality.

The Yarbros have been in Mérida for a while now. They have some good videos on things to see and do in town and also talk openly about their expenses and what it takes to live there. I think they are moving soon to another city in Mexico. But they have a good catalog of Mérida videos.

Alexander Howell is a YouTuber who went to Mérida with his family to purchase a house and restore it to possibly retire there someday and is taking you along on his journey. I know, kind of like this blog except people are actually watching his videos! I emailed him to say "hey!" and let him know how interested I am in watching other people taking this journey. Sometimes you feel a bond over it, but it's also interesting to see how they handle some of the stumbles that I've had.

Expat Rebel is helpful advice for expats living abroad, but he also has a couple of walk around Mérida videos. I think he's moving around Mexico and Yucatan in general.

Humberto Sanchez has long videos where he walks around different neighborhoods in Mérida. Sometimes they are hour long walks with no talking, just the sounds of the city. I adore these videos. Sometimes, when working on my computer, I'll just put one of these videos on in the background. He also has a lot of older historical footage on his site. Highly recommend.

Of course there are plenty of other videos on Mérida, but these are the ones I'm subscribed to and who seem to post fairly regularly.

No real new news on the house right now other than waiting for that estimate. I did have a few minor changes to the plans, but they were just small things like adding extra electrical outlets here and there.

Locally, we've been dodging the virus but it doesn't appear like we can avoid all bad things in life. My mom's hip is bothering her and the doctors think it might be a back issue. She's waiting to get into a specialist for that. My dad's heart is getting weaker and while I hope for the best, I fear the worst is closing in on us. Just trying to make each day a good one and trying not to miss moments with him.

Hopefully, we'll have good news soon with the estimate and can build this house. I'd love to build it and be able to take my parents there to see it before my dad passes away or simply can't go anymore. I guess we'll take it day by day.

That's probably enough for now. Take care of yourselves and each other.