Some more renderings and an elevation

It's been a while since I had heard from the architects, but knowing what is going on here and also what is going on in Mérida during the coronavirus it didn't seem worthwhile to pester them over something as petty as a house design. I didn't message them my thoughts on the green roof, or even my thoughts on replacing those stone X screens with something else. It just didn't seem relevant.

Last Wednesday they sent some new renderings and the side elevation of the layout. It's good to hear from them and know they are staying safe and healthy. It's also fun to get new things to look at. Especially last week since I was furloughed from my job for the week.

In between doing yard work and cleaning out the garage I looked at the renderings and discussed them with Angie and thought. And thought. And thought.

The front of the house hasn't been changed to the design we prefer, yet. They were already in the process of rendering things the last time we chatted, so they sent it so we could see it as they designed it first. Maybe we'd like it and want to keep it.

We still prefer the idea of having the house come out to the sidewalk. It's a fine design, but something about it doesn't sit right with me. It feels too old. And I don't mean old in the classic sense. It feels old in the wheelchairs and walkers sense. Like, my mom would love it, but I like a cleaner look.

That said, it is not wheelchairs and walkers friendly. The main part of the house is a good bit raised up from the rest of the yard around it. While I don't mind a step or two, there may be a time when we move down with my mom and I don't know that having a lot of steps is wise for us. It would kind of be cool to have that raised "platform" to look over the backyard. I kind of dig it. But it may not be wise in the long term?

I also stressed wanting ceilings to be a touch higher and maybe some skylights to make sure there is plenty of natural light.

So, I guess we'll see how things shake out. It's crucial to be patient during these times of pandemic, but it's really hard to be patient. I wish it could all be done now, but I know that none of this is particularly important either.

So, I'll use this time to practice my patience.