Some new people I'm following during the days of the virus

As the coronavirus mayhem stretches into another month and there is no travel and my passport sits in a drawer, expired, the paperwork to renew it gathering dust because it doesn't seem important enough to bother anyone with at present, I spend my time wondering how Mérida is coping through all of this.

I watch some of Jose Arteaga's travel videos on YouTube. I'm not particularly in agreement with his politics, but he's a decent guy and he often peddles his way around town on his bike which gives me a good feeling like I'm back in Mérida. Even if briefly.

Another channel I've recently found is Local Nomads. They put out an almost daily vlog on their YouTube channel as they are self-isolating in Mérida. They share some stats and stories, some of them from Yucatan Expat Life which is another great source of info, and then discuss other areas of their experiences being in Mérida during the coronavirus pandemic. They also have their Instagram if you're into that.

Someone I found yesterday was The Nest is Empty. I found them on their YouTube page because I came across their video from the last Showcase of Homes walk (which was also the last time we were in Mérida.) Then I went back and we watched all of their videos of them buying their house and the construction along the way. It was very enjoyable and really made me hopeful for the future.

The videos end about 5 months ago. So, to get more updates we had to go and stalk their Instagram! There will be more Instagram stalking of them done when I have some free time. But they seem like exceptionally nice people and I love the updates they've done to their casa.

I saw their before and thought "I'm not sure if I can imagine this being turned into something awesome."

And then they turned it into something awesome!

Last night I had an odd dream that we were in Mérida and we had come up with a name for our house. We called it Casa de la Piña Negra. House of the Black Pineapple. I'm not sure why the dream version of us came up with this name, but it left enough of a mark on me that I remembered it upon waking. At any rate, I don't think we will be naming our house that, but I still think it's kind of cool sounding.

That's all I've really got for today. We haven't heard anything new from the architects and it really isn't a time to pester them anyways. We're doing well and staying healthy and that's all I can ask for right now.

Hopefully everyone else is staying healthy, too. Physically and mentally. We'll all get through this together.