What's new? Not a ton

Haven't written a post in a while. Mostly because anything Mérida related has been pretty quiet. Which is good. There's nothing else to do, it's just land. So, it sits and waits, and potentially fills with trash.

The main concerns at home are trying to save more money and get the loan paid off as soon as possible, so we can potentially build sooner. Our dog is not helping with that. She's still struggling with her health and the vet bills keep adding up. But, that's the way it goes. Hopefully we can get her feeling better sooner rather than later.

Thanks to the favorable exchange rate, we've ended up with around $15k cash in hand. I've been debating what to do with it. Smart thing would be to dump it on the loan and cut that sucker down. But I just bought land in Mexico, so there's a good chance I don't always do the 'smart' thing.

Other options would be to invest it in Angie's business a little bit. Although I think she's pretty well covered and probably doesn't need a lot of extra stuff currently.

I could save it, in case we run into some sort of financial troubles. That seems boringly safe.

I could use it to maybe start moving forward on building in Mérida. At least get the walls raised up enough that people can't so easily throw trash into the yard. But I don't know if that's enough money to accomplish that task. Maybe the next time I go down and get the keys from Isaac I can get his opinion on costs. Or maybe it's not unreasonable to start looking for architects to talk with?

So, yeah, putting it back into the loan might be the only really solid idea right now.

Isaac had said the house next door was potentially for sale. It's in rough shape and on a fairly small lot, but the thought of buying it and then converting it into a mother-in-law house is appealing. It could be used for guests or rented out as an extra source of income. And since we'd be right next door, it would be so easy for us to take care of.

Could I get it for $15k? I doubt it, but it's a nice plan to dream about.

In other positive news, we have a definitive return date to Mérida lined up. January 12, 2019. And this time, we're not going alone! We have a couple of friends that we have talked non-stop to about Mérida who went and got their passports and are excited to join us!

Would I like to get there sooner? Sure. But I might be taking a new job, and that will limit any travel for a while since I will lose a lot of vacation time.

Oh it is a year of decisions! And decisions are the one thing I'm not particularly good at!