I was correct in my previous assertion that there had been a delay in closing. But Alonso got it all worked out and everything is done. We are now the owners of a garbage filled lot in Mérida! For better or worse.

It was a good day. It was my mom's birthday, my dad passed his driving test to get his license back and we found out that the land was ours.

It's an odd feeling, knowing that we own a piece of Mérida. Something I thought might never happen, that seemed like a silly dream for so long. It solidifies a real connection to the city for me.

I wish we had the money to build right away, but that's probably not realistic. But boy are ideas running through my head and my Pinterest page is fattening up. I've started following architects from Mérida on Instagram and Facebook. I am ready to do this!

I'd love to fly down and get the keys and hang out in our garbage dump. But that will have to wait a little bit. Maybe in October sometime. There's no hurry, I guess.

I knew this post wasn't going to be very well thought out, since I'm still processing the news from yesterday, but I wanted to get it out there and on record. This step in the process is complete.