Closing so soon?

On Wednesday I emailed Isaac and Alonso. Letting them know the exchange was done. The money was all ready. All I needed was a firm date on closing so I could book my flight. Was it going to be June 20th?

I didn't hear anything Wednesday.

Thursday morning I received an email from Isaac. The documents were all back and ready to go, and since I had the limited power of attorney in place and the seller wanted his money, closing would be next Wednesday, June 13th.

Well, this is a problem. On a couple of fronts.

Of course I can't make it in less than a week's notice. That's maybe not a problem, just a disappointment.

The bigger issue is the cashier's check to pay the owner.

For that to happen with me not there requires some finagling. First, I need to know the name on the check and the amount. Check, easy enough. But then I also need to have the name of the person who is going to pick the check up in Mérida along with their personal ID, presumably someone working at Alonso's office.

I double check with Alfonso, and he confirms this for me. I need this info for him, so he can make up the paperwork and email it to me. I then have to sign this paperwork and physically mail it back to him with my signature on it.

That will allow them to make the cashier's check and release it to be picked up by the person named.

No response until late in the day. It's understandable, it happens, people are busy. But finally Alonso sends me the name and info of the person who will pick up the check.

I quickly forward it to Alfonso... only to receive an out of office reply that he will be on vacation until Monday.

That is a problem. I quickly message, forwarding all the other info I had been dealing with Alfonso to another person at the bank. Could she help me?

Friday afternoon and I sit, no answers. I guess this is another cliffhanger for us.

Need more cliffhangers?

One of the other things I needed to pay before closing are the closing costs. Those I need to pay to Alonso's office.

Probably the easiest way is for me to wire the funds, bank to bank, using the website of my new Mexican bank.

Or I thought it would be easy.

Getting logged into my account for the first time was a burden. Then I kept getting errors and rerouted and, man, it was a mess. Mostly of my own doing. I finally got where I thought I needed to be and did what I think I needed to do.

I emailed Alonso and told him to let me know when he got the money. So far I haven't heard if he has.

Now, that might mean I screwed up and wired the money into a black hole. Or it might mean that he hasn't had time to check his account yet. I really hope it's the latter.