Eerily quiet

I have still heard nothing. Do I own that property in Mérida? I don't know.

In fairness to all involved, I have not inquired in a week. The last email I sent was the one to Alonso and Isaac saying the check was ready to be picked up for closing.

I've debated whether I should email them again and ask what's happening. But there's some part of me that just thinks, no news is good news. I've done all of the things I can reasonably do, so hopefully this silence is either just nothing, and everyone is satisfied and has moved on to other things and kind of forgotten to say "hey, everything is cool." Or they are having problems on their end, maybe getting the timing right for closing, that doesn't really involve me. And which I needn't bother them about.

I sneak on Isaac's site occasionally to see if the property is marked 'sold' yet. Still 'under contract.'

I will probably wait another week before I email anyone again. I feel like there's a chance that they weren't able to make that early closing deadline after all and it probably is going to be the 20th (tomorrow) like they originally intended.

And they might be quiet about it because they knew I had planned to come to the closing on the 20th and since they moved it up I couldn't. But honestly, it's probably just as easy this way. As much as I'd love to go again, I really want to go for longer than two days.

But again, here's hoping no news is good news!


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