And the answer is...

There was no need to panic. Alonso emailed me the next day, Saturday, to tell me the funds had transferred for the deposit. The seller signed the purchase agreement on Monday and we are all set to continue on the buying journey.

It's a "this is for real" moment when the website displays the property as 'under contract' and you know that you are that person. It happened once before with Green House, though that proved very premature.

At this point, it doesn't seem like anything should stop us now. The only way I could see it falling apart is if someone came with a lot of money and bought the seller out of the contract with us.

But even so, I have tempered any excitement. In the past, with Blue and Green House, I instantly downloaded some architecture app onto the iPad and started dreaming in some possible designs for the houses. They were definitely crappy designs that I knew a professional would have to tsk tsk some day before unrolling something truly magnificent. And there is no way we can build anything super soon. But it was a fun daydream project.

This time I have done less of that daydreaming. I've looked at and thought about ideas, but there are no design apps on the iPad currently. Partly due to my superstitious nature of not wanting to jinx anything, and partly because I'm not sure what I can imagine this land becoming.

There are a few large trees on the property. Can they be taken down? Should they be taken down? Or should we find ways to build around them, if possible? Having not visited the property, what does it sound like, what are the neighbors like? What is the sunshine like? If the Gran Parque la Plancha is never completed, does it make sense to build the house there?

So many questions awaiting answers. If we do go down to Mérida for closing, once I get the keys, I may spend hours on the lot. Taking photos, listening to the sounds. I've told Angie we will buy some lawn chairs and leave them there when we leave. They may not be there when we return, haha. But it's a chance to leave a small bit of us there to come back to. A tiny connection between us and Mérida.