Snow is in the forecast, but it's sunshine for us

We're nearing the end of October and the leaves have already blown clean from the trees and there is snow forecast in a few days. And I say, "good!"

Let everyone else enjoy some early winter while we get a brief second summer in Mérida next week!

Isaac got back to me and we are all set to see the two houses that I failed to buy. I'm very excited to see them in person, even if I'll be sad I don't have the money lined up to buy them.

I've been diligently saving and with a small loan we could honestly probably afford either one, but with Angie still in the beginning stages of her business I'd hate to risk any money right now. With my awful luck lately I'd probably get laid off the minute I wired the money. We'll play it safe a little while longer.

Other things I'm looking forward to on the trip. Visiting Mercado 60. I visited the last time I was there, but didn't have a chance to try any food. Plus, I was alone last time, it will be more fun to share it with Angie. I always have to make my usual pilgrimage to Hennessey's, of course. I also want to try to make it down to Ermita, since I've never been there.

I am very happy and excited to be going! In case that wasn't already obvious. I'll be sure to post some pictures when we're there!


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