A week away from returning to Mérida

We are just about a week away from returning to Mérida.

I did email Isaac and ask him, nicely, if he had time and could show us the houses I was interested in, and thought that I had bought and lost in different circumstances. I told him though, strictly only if he has time. Don't want to waste his time. And I'll walk by them anyways even if he can't show me inside.

I know that seems a little masochistic. The chances that either of these properties will be available when we are ready to buy seems unlikely. Still, I want to see them in the off chance that one of them is available and that sooner, rather than later, Angie's photography business will take off and we'll be able to afford something. And if not, oh well, at least I have an even better understanding of what will and not work in regards to the odd sizes of homes and lots in Merida.

Meanwhile, I've found a few new properties out there with some potential. Of course, not wanting to bother Isaac, or any other people at the moment, I had to search out the properties on the maps myself.

One was a pretty easy find because I knew the front was facing east and that it was within a few blocks of Santa Ana Park. It's incredibly narrow, but also incredibly long. Could that be a long term problem of feeling claustrophobic? I dunno.

The other one took a lot more effort. I could see a tower in the background and I knew where a few of these towers are located in Mérida from previous excursions. I locked onto one tower as the likely area and I searched and searched and searched. But with no luck. I was ready to give up until, using Google Maps 3D I spied another tower in the distance and once I had oriented it to how it looked in the photo I found it pretty quickly. It's a bit out of my preferred area, but I'll put it down and walk by it while I'm there.

Anyways, I'm ready for the adventure and I've got my shoes ready to put on some miles.