No house, no problem

What do I do next?

Wait. I guess.

It's been three weeks since Angie was laid off and she's still on the job hunt. If she could find a job sooner than later we might be able to jump back on Green House, or maybe even take another run at Blue House.

Either way, I've told myself I need to wait and be patient. A quality I am not generally known to possess. We are going back to Mérida at the end of October. We already had it booked many months ago, so job or no job, we're going.

Hopefully, she has a job by then for sure. If that is the case, then I think we'll just wait until we go and we can see Green and Blue House in person (assuming they're still on the market) and then maybe we can make an offer while we're there.

Again, this is all assuming best case scenario and that Angie has a decent job by then. Otherwise, we'll probably just go to Mérida and not do any house hunting. That was hard to write, oof.

When I thought Green House was a lock, I was so excited about our trip because I assumed we'd have closed on the house and everything by then, assuming no complications. We'd get there and get our keys. I told Angie I was going to buy a hat when we got there and then I would find a spot in the house and hang it there and leave it. And every time I came back to Mérida I would go and pick up my hat. Nice idea, maybe next time.

I'm still looking at houses online. It's a little harder emotionally now, since I can't pull the trigger, but I want to stay in the know. Plus, I just love doing it.

If my Spanish wasn't so terrible, I think I would make a great realtor down there. Could my obsession be turned into a positive passion someday? Maybe I should ask Isaac if he needs any help next time I see him. If Isaac isn't already properly annoyed with me.

I don't know what I'm going to write about from here on out, honestly, but I have a few fun ideas I may try. And, if nothing else, I'll just come to complain or expound on my feelings about this ordeal.


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