On a lighter note, I watched Neruda on Netflix the other night when I couldn't sleep. I loved it.

It's fun to watch films in Spanish and see how far I have (or haven't) come in my learning. And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised in myself. Sometimes I still have trouble making words out when they talk fast, or talk quietly. But it's happening.

I'm not a film critic and this isn't a film site, so I won't go into the film much other than to say it's worth a watch.

I have been a massive fan of Pablo Neruda since 1994 when I watched Il Postino. Long before Under the Tuscan Sun, it was  Il Postino that planted the bug of being an expat. The romantic notions of our youth! Not that I'm particularly old now.

I own several Pablo Neruda book of poetry and some books about Neruda's life. Most of them contain the Spanish on the page next to the translated English. Another helpful tool in my learning process. There's some obvious poetical license in the translations, but still helpful.

And maybe I need to read them again just to get back on track. I still haven't started looking at houses again since the trip was cancelled. Angie felt bad and tried to convince me to let her re-book everything, but I wouldn't let her. There will be another time, I hope. Now just isn't the right time.

It's not entirely lost on me that Neruda would find my first-world problems of buying a vacation home and my hissy-fits about not finding success to be appalling. Although I would hope that my love for the culture of the Yucatan and my desire to help maintain and restore a colonial beauty would be some small consolation. My heart is in the right place, for however much that counts.

I'm working on multiple projects right now to take my mind off things and it's all been a welcome distraction.

Angie is still looking for work, and I think I'll start looking at houses again soon, as well. When I do, I'll keep documenting the process here.

The exciting thing is that by the time I resume, there should be a flood of new options on the market. I'm looking forward to resuming the hunt.