Last day in Mérida

This is going to be one of those posts I'm going to have to fight my way through. I don't really want to write it, but I think it's a part of the overall story, so it's important to me. But it may also be brief, just to be sure I get through it and I probably won't take the time to read through it again to edit it. It stands as I write it.

I was only in Mérida for a full two days, this time. My first day was house hunting with Isaac, and my second day was me roaming the city.

I found new restaurants that I liked that hadn't been there before. I looked for houses for sale that weren't on any of the websites. I accidentally found Mercado 60, which is a cool little market with a bunch of food stalls.

And that's kind of where I want to end my second Mérida trip. I roamed around Mercado 60 right as they were opening and the food stalls were setting up. I left and wandered down to Santa Lucia Park to kill a little time and give the food stalls a chance to open.

In case you didn't know, the parks have free WiFi in them. So this was a chance to check my messages. Angie had messaged me and tried to FaceTime me.

I knew something was wrong, was it dad? My mood sank and I messaged her to find out what had happened.

With me out of town, my parents had taken our dogs, a husky named Mikka and a German shepherd named Maia, to the farm to run around and get out of the house a bit. The farm had not completely sold, yet.

While they were out there, dad wanted to check on one of the other buildings on the land and got in the van to drive over there. He hit the German shepherd with the van and drug her a little ways before my mom could get his attention with her screaming to stop.

They raced her to the vet and she had internal bleeding and was scraped up. She was in a lot of pain.

My trip was over. There would be no eating anyplace new, or any eating at all. I stood at the edge of Santa Lucia Park in one of my favorite cities and felt my heart torn out of me.

I walked, in shock and disbelief back to the casa. I questioned everything. If I hadn't come on this trip, none of this would have happened. It was all my fault.

My dad felt terrible, he may have loved that dog even more than me, if that were humanly possible. They got Maia back home and situated. She was in pain, she couldn't walk the steps and she whined. And I couldn't be there.

Somehow I got up the next morning and made it to the airport and flew all day until I got home. I don't remember those details well.

I spent two weeks carrying Maia in and out of the house, but the internal bleeding wouldn't stop and the pain was getting worse and the pills weren't helping enough. She was already an old dog for a German shepherd and finally I had to let go.

For all of the love I felt for Mérida, there was no comparison for my love of that silly dog that I had to say goodbye to.