A flurry of offers

With Blue House no longer in our sights, I kept looking. I debated larger houses that were farther out, or smaller homes that were closer in.

I searched site after site and my list grew. If I was obsessed before, now I was super obsessed. Trying to erase the failure of Blue House.

I found a house that was very nice and in a great location. A little short on the lot, but if we built up we could manage, I thought. And the price was great. I contacted Isaac and said to just offer what they're asking.

Nope, Isaac emailed me back later, it was no longer for sale. I had seen that one on a website that is sketchy about updating the site. Houses that may have sold are still listed as for sale. You don't know this, of course, until you've struck out a few times. At that point you start to get a handle for which websites are generally current in their listings and which ones you might need to check on if they're even still for sale.

I asked Isaac about a house I had seen the last time I was in Mérida. When he checked on it then, there was some issues with getting the paperwork together before they could sell it. So, he called back to see what the situation was. Nope, the owner decided to sell it to a cousin instead.

I found another one. Again, kind of short, but going up a level and it could work. The location was okay, not great, but could still work. The price was a little high, but we offered what I thought it was worth.

Nope, the seller was willing to come down but not very much at all. So, that was a no go.

By this time, I had mapped out in my back yard various yards of Merida, to check the sizes and plan possible layouts. I had made files in Adobe Illustrator to map them out and get a better feel. And each time had to abandon them.

There was a house that was a little farther out than I preferred but on a massive lot. We could build almost anything we wanted there. So long as I didn't mind the distance. I never made an offer on that one. At least not yet. I would put it in my back pocket and pull it out and mull it over from time to time.

It was now just a waiting game. And my patience was in low reserve.


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